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New Community Project - Who are we?

The New Community Project is a small nonprofit organization with a big goal: to change the world. Our neighbors are struggling, the earth is a mess, many people don't seem to know or care, and we all wonder what we can do about it. Our mission: to provide resources that challenge us, experiences that change us, opportunities that channel our passions, and a community that gives us hope. Here’s how we do it.

Offering experiences that inspire us to respect our neighbors and protect the environment—and deepen our relationship with both 
Inviting people and communities to think about the problems we face as well as the better world we can buildand what all this says about us and the things we value
Seeking sustainable lifestyles and justice for the marginalized from Africa and Asia to the Amazon and Arcticand in our own lives closer to home


The New Community Project

Offering resources that challenge us
experiences that change us
and a community that gives us hope
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New Community Project
Building a new community of justice and peace for our neighbors and respect for the earth
9036 W. Quail Track Drive
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David Radcliff, director; Tom Benevento, Sustainable Living Homestead director; Aaron Johnston, Sustainable Building coordinator; Kim Chaffin, Care for Creation specialist; Becky Fletcher, website manager; Juliana Pitruzzello, financial secretary and product management
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New Community Project never sells or otherwise discloses user or donor information outside the organization.
About the upside-down logo: From space there is no up or down to planet Earth. When drawing the maps, the US and Europe are on top because . . . we draw the maps. The choice of the “upside-down” Earth as our logo shows our commitment to begin looking at our world and its people in a new way, with a new set of values and relationships. The early Christian community was accused of "turning the world upside down" for its radical way of doing things, and movements throughout history have been blamed for upsetting the established order. We can only hope they say the same thing about us….