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Living more sustainably with the earth and more fairly with its people—that's the mission of the New Community Project. Join us as we provide resources that challenge us, experiences that change us, and a community that gives us hope.


Our work includes:

  • Learning Tours to the Arctic, Amazon, Africa, Southeast Asia —places where the earth and our neighbors are struggling
  • a Sustainable Living Homestead that combines organic gardening and programs to undo global warming with outreach to those at the margins of the community
  • speakers and workshop leaders for schools, colleges, congregations, youth events, and other gatherings
  • Solidarity Workers in other countries and cultures
  • a variety of engaging print and web-based resources
  • a support network for like-minded souls, with a special interest in empowering youth and young adults

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Justice or Just Us

Tools for building a fairer world for people everywhere. Resources on sweatshops, consumption patterns, Fair Trade Coffee, girls' education - and lots more

Care for Creation

Living responsibly with this amazing and embattled planet. Facts about our abuse of the earth along with ways we can make it a better place - for ourselves, our children and the rest of creation

Learning Tours

Been to the Amazon lately? The Arctic? Nepal, Burma, Sudan or Central America? Go. Meet. Learn. Grow. Change - yourself and your world

Just for Youth

There's more to life than what our consumer culture has to offer. We'll help you find it...

Young Adults

Finding your voice on behalf of the planet and its people. Opportunities to sharpen your skills and put your principles into practice.

Creative Arts

Dramas, readings, worship resources that challenge and entertain - for youth or the not-so-young


Latest Things:

New Community Project
Building a new community of justice and peace for our neighbors and respect for the earth
NCP is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization registered in Arizona. Send correspondence or donations to: 117 Nature Road, Blue Ridge, VA 24064 (director David Radcliff's address)
844-804-2985-toll free (Main Office - David Radcliff)
540-433-2363 (Harrisonburg, VA - Tom Benevento)
802-434-2333 (Starksboro, VT - Pete Antos-Ketcham)

David Radcliff, director; Tom Benevento, Sustainable Living Homestead director (Harrisonburg, VA); Pete Antos-Ketcham, New England Sustainable Center coordinator (Starksboro, VT); Rachel Sarah and Nick Blanton Melas, program associates, NCP-Harrisonburg; Kim Chaffin, Care for Creation specialist; Juliana Pitruzzello, website manager, financial secretary and database manager; Sally Rich, products management
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New Community Project never sells or otherwise discloses user or donor information outside the organization.

About the upside-down logo: From space there is no up or down to planet Earth. When drawing the maps, the US and Europe are on top because . . . we draw the maps. The choice of the “upside-down” Earth as our logo shows our commitment to begin looking at our world and its people in a new way, with a new set of values and relationships. The early Christian community was accused of "turning the world upside down" for its radical way of doing things, and movements throughout history have been blamed for upsetting the established order. We can only hope they say the same thing about us….